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Ways to Explore Yaeyama island


3 Islands Sightseeing Day-tour

This tour takes in the three very different islands of Iriomote, Yubu and Taketomi.

Kayaking and Trekking to Pinaisara Waterfall

The most popular, and memorable, tours on Iriomote Island.
The highest waterfall in Okinawa Prefecture.



The coral reefs around Ishigaki and the other Yaeyama islands are famous for their beauty and for the variety and number of fish and marine life that live there and are supported by the coral and its fellow inhabitants.

who are we?

Hirata Tourism

Hirata Tourism Inc. is one of the oldest tourism agencies in Ishigaki. We are specialists on the Yaeyama Islands, and have developed a number of regular tours and activity based events for guests to the islands. We can also provide you with a tailored program for part, or all, of your stay, with English speaking guides. Please contact us for more information and to learn more about these beautiful islands, and how you can best enjoy them.

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