Questions about the Tours


Can 1 person participate in a tour?

Yes. Many of our tours can be enjoyed by 1 person. (Please note that some tours have minimum requirements for the number of people participating.)


I am going by car/walking, please tell me where to park and about meeting times.

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled ferry departure time and come to the Hirata Tourism counter.

There are 2 pay parking lots located at Ishigaki Ferry Port Terminal. The cost is 100yen for the first hour, and 50yen for each half hour after that. From 8pm to 8am the charge is 50yen per hour.

A 3rd pay parking lot is located a bit further away.


How can I pay? Can I use a credit card?

If booking through the website you can pay by credit card.

We will send you the booking details and advanced payment method through your email address which you put on your request.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, DC, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club. 


Can you accommodate those with disabilities or those with special needs?

We will make every effort to accommodate those with disabilities or special needs. Please let us know of any circumstances at the time of booking.


Can I change or cancel my booking?

We can cancel or change your booking by email, telephone or fax. Before cancellation please review the cancellation policy agreed to at the time of booking. Cancellation fees may be required.


Is it possible to start or finish a tour without starting from/returning to Ishigaki?

Yes it is possible depending on the tour and start times. Please contact us about making such arrangements.


The tour is held in English or other language?

It is depends on the tour, but basically held in Japanese. Please contact us if you would like

to arrange the private English guide (Licenced) for your group. The price is 20,000 JPY~ per day.


Question about the Ferries.


I’ve rented a car on Ishigaki, can I transport it by ferry to the other islands?

Our ferries are for passengers only. However, it is possible to rent cars on some of the remote islands.


What about “sea sickness”?

The weather greatly affects the motion of the boat. If you are worried about sea sickness, please consider taking medicine before riding on the ferry. Also, it is better to sit towards the back of the ship.


Can you please tell me about the pricing between Adults and Children?

Those 12 years and older are considered adults. 6 to 11 years old are considered children and under 6 is considered an infant. With 1 paid adult 1 infant is free.


Where can I purchase “sea sickness” medicine?

There is a drug store/pharmacy that is about a 6-7 minute walk from the terminal. Please prepare from the day before as the drug store is not open early in the morning.


Are there any ferries from one remote island to another remote island?

There are a few ferries from island to island. Please check the “Ferry” page for more information.


Are ferry routes often cancelled?

Routes to Hateruma Island and Uehara port on Iriomote Island are often cancelled due to sea conditions, especially between October and March. We recommend checking the status on the day of intended travel before departure.


Can I eat or drink on the ship? Are Pets allowed on board?

Please refrain from eating or drinking while riding the ferries. Pets can only ride in a crate/cage in the exposed rear of the ship. Depending on the type of ferry, it may not be possible for pets to ride.


How long is a round-trip ticket valid?

A round trip ticket is valid for 1 week from date of purchase.


Do tours still operate when it rains?

Many tours can still go ahead if it rains. In the case of cancellation, it will be decided after 7:30am on the day of the tour. We will contact you in such a situation by telephone or email (only if no phone number is available).


Is it possible to reschedule due to typhoon or rain?

It is possible as long as the day you would like to change to is not full. Please contact us directly by phone or email if you would like to make any changes.


I have made reservations/purchased tickets through a travel agency, can I get a refund for a cancellation?

If you have made a reservation or purchased tickets through a company other than Hirata Tourism we cannot provide you with a refund. Please contact the company you made your reservations through directly. We can provide you with a cancellation certificate if necessary.


If you would like to reschedule your tour please contact us directly.



Cruise ship customer questions


What happens if bad weather affects the cruise ships arrival?

If weather is the reason you arrival is delayed and you cannot participate in a tour you will not be charged a cancellation fee and receive a full refund.


Where does the cruise ship dock?

If you cruise ship uses tender boats to ferry travelers to and from the ship, you will arrive directly at the Ishigaki Ferry Port Terminal. The Hirata Tourism Counter is located inside the terminal.

If you ship does not use tender boats,  From the pier it is a 10 minute walk from the Ferry Port Terminal. Please note, taxis are not always available.


Can a private tour be arranged for the short time we are on the island?

Yes we can arrange private tours. For large groups we can organize a coach bus tour. For smaller groups, private taxi tours are very popular for sight seeing on Ishigaki.

Please see the link below for a list of tours that are available for customers coming from cruise ships.


Question about Money Exchange.


Do you offer a money exchange service in the counter of Hirata Tourism?

No, we do not have any service for money exchange in our office but

there are ATM in Ishigaki Ferry terminal and nearest convenience store

*Family mart on 730 intersection*.


Question about Hotels.


Do you offer hotel arrangement service?

Yes, we offer hotel arrangement service, please contact us if you have a request.

Here is our recommendations and selected hotels,

  • Haimurubushi (Kohama) 
  • Nirakanai (Iriomote) (Kohama) 
  • Hoshinoya (Taketomi) 
  • Fusaki Resort (Ishigaki) 
  • Yokabushi (Ishigaki) 
  • Peace island hotels (Ishigaki / Taketomi )