Valid from 9 May. 2022 – to 20 July. 2022

Regardless of the ferry, all tickets are available at the Hirata Tourism counter

According to weather and tide conditions, times may vary.

*Prices as of April 1, 2022.

*Discount available for groups and people with disabilities.

*Note that as the ferry to Hatoma Island is via Uehara Port, cancellation of the ferry bound for Uehara cancels service to Hatoma.

Since Two ferry company (Anei Kanko and Yaeyama Kanko Ferry)  have already abolished the universally ferry ticket, the return ferry ticket that purchased can only be used with the same company. 

For example, if you have purchased the ferry ticket that operated by Anei Kanko, the return ticket can only be used the ferry that operated by Anei Kanko.

Contact us directly if you need more information about the ferry ticket and the schedule.