Ishigaki Private Taxi tour

1-1 Misaki-cho, Ishigaki city, Okinawa, Japan (0)
from/per person ¥9,700
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Private Taxi Tours of Ishigaki

We can arrange your private taxi sightseeing which allows you the freedom to visit as many spots on Ishigaki as you choose. Alternatively, you can relax and stay as long, or as little, time as you choose at the different sites. There are two types of vehicle available, depending on the number of guests travelling with.

■ Small taxi  (up to 4 persons)

■ Jumbo taxi  (up to 9 persons)


Price List (Japanese yen) per Taxi

Small taxi  Jumbo taxi
7 hours 38,500 67,900
6 hours 33,000 58,200
5 hours  27,500 48,500
4 hours 22,000  38,800
3 hours 16,550 29,100
2 hours  11,000 19,400


Typical or indicative locations are as follows:

MAP of Ishigaki



  • The drivers may have a basic level of English for communication purposes.
  • The vehicle has an air conditioning.
  • Please contact us your request : (reservation@hirata-group.co.jp)
     *Your name
     *Number of participants
     *Desired Pick up / visit / drop off location
     *Meeting time 
  •  more than 9 people, we will arrange a bus for you. Estimated Budget will be 50,000~
  •  you would require a private English guide, we will offer you.  Estimated Budget will be 20,000 yen~ per day.
  • Our system miss-display the price “Per person” , it is”per Taxi” 


check availability

Online booking should be made at least 2 DAYS in advance.
If you have an urgent request, please contact us during our office hours (7:30-18:00).